Musk Strawberries from Seed

In June, I bought a packet of twenty Musk Strawberry (Fragaria Moschata or Hautbois Strawberry) seeds on eBay for 5AUD. I also bought several packets of different Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) seeds. I will write about the Fragaria Vesca seeds some other day. However, I had initial success with sprouting Fragaria Moschata seeds. This makes me feel a bit good about myself, since growing strawberries from seed is supposed to be tricky.

Instructions on growing Fragaria Vesca are readily available in English, but I did not find much on growing Musk Strawberries. The propagation instructions on the eBay listing were copy-pasted from a page about Alpine Strawberries. Alpine Strawberry seeds require freezing before planting, but it wasn’t clear if Musk Strawberry seeds do. My concern was that freezing most seeds kills them, and I did not want to kill the somewhat expensive seeds.

In the end, I put the seeds in the freezer for four weeks. I then transferred them to the fridge for two days, and then brought them to room temperature for two more days.

Then, I cut a rectangular piece of paper towel and put it into an unused takeaway box. I put the seeds on the paper towel, misted them with water, put the lid on the box and put the whole shebang on a window sill on the shady side of the house. I opened the lid daily, and sprayed more water as needed. Seven days later… Voila!


Some of the seeds sprouted! Here is a macro view of one:


I then transferred the ten seeds that sprouted into a set of seed plugs filled with a bit of compost on the bottom, and coconut coir seed raising mix on top. Here is an out-of-focus view of a seed (sorry, I didn’t wear my glasses):


I added some compost on the bottom as I am worried that the tiny seeds don’t have much in the way of energy reserves. I put the seed plugs into a plastic bag and misted the inside a little. I put it in the shake and have been opening it daily to air it out. The seeds seem to be doing well. Here’s hoping!


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